The guest will live in a Gulf atmosphere, during which he will eat Gulf food of the finest types of fish

Experience hosted by هند المشوح





Committed To Safety

1:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Up to 10 people


Private House

What you will do
The guest will spend an enjoyable time in a popular Gulf atmosphere, in which he will drink Arabic coffee and Al-Khalas Al-Hasawi dates, then he will be served with delicious Gulf fish and appetizers, followed by a popular Gulf dessert flavored with saffron and cardamom, interspersed with a musical atmosphere from the quiet eastern region, as if you were on the half-moon beach
introduction about your host

Hind We will take you with us on a trip to the eastern region through our high skills in cooking and presenting our dishes in a wonderful and elaborate heritage, using the finest types of fish, meat and fresh vegetables

Available seats

10 seats

Price 399.00 SAR (per person)

Total: 399.00 SAR

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Cecily Yim


It was my fourth time to visit Saudi Arabia but today was my first home visit in Riyadh, thanks to the kind arrangement of HiHome. I had an amazing time with Mrs Hind and her lovely family. Mrs Hind is an exceptional, talented chef and an expert on food. I got to learn how to cook a very delicious traditional seafood dish with her and it was so much fun just listening to her tips on cooking in the kitchen. However, the most special thing about my visit was the time when all wonderful ladies together with Ms Nada from HiHome team got to sit together, enjoying cups of tea, sharing interesting conversation and listening to my Islamic and Arabic journey. It was such a close-knit, sister-like moment where I really felt at home in Riyadh. My biggest thanks to Mrs Hind and her family for the generous hospitality and her gift. I am also grateful for Ms Nada from HiHome to come and join us. In short, I highly recommend a visit to Mrs Hind's family in Riyadh.

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