A Day With Pictures And Heritage

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Committed To Safety

4:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Up to 5 people


Private House

What you will do
Bandr and his family love to welcomes you in his home that is filled with Mecca's photography and heritage. First they will welcome the guest in Meccas traditional clothes and serve them with Zamzam water and special scents perfumes. During the experience we will talk about the gallery in the home with introducing the antiques that .we have and old camera that we collected over the years Throughout this experience you will get the chance to taste the west of Saudi famous dishes such .as Sobyia, Lado, Haresa Arabic coffee Finally, a photo will be taken in the gallery and sent to the guest with a souvenir from the home .owners
introduction about your host

My name is Bandar, a professional photographer, who resides in Makkah Al-Mukarramah. I am married and have children. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in media. My passion is photography. I have knowledge of all types of cameras, with a small studio in my house with many types of old cameras and some old collectibles.

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5 seats

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Total: 278.24 SAR

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1- smoking is prohibited inside the house. 2- Please make sure to follow the safety instructions received for covid-19, and in case you suffer from any symptoms such as fever or have been in contact with an infected person, please inform us in advance so that the value of the experience so that we can cancel your booking and refund to you your money.

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Cecily Yim


It is my third time to perform umrah in Makkah but this time my umrah is blessed with a visit to Mr Bender's home. His family was welcoming me with lots of Saudi coffee, Zam Zam water with bahkhu, special Hijazi drinks and many types of delicious local sweets. Mr Bender, a top-notch, professional Hijazi photographer, was passionately showing me his photo masterpieces on the wall and the ceiling-- works beautifully capturing the charm of Makkah and Madinah. I am amazed at his sense of art and sophisticated skills of photography but his home is more than a photo studio, Mr Bender also showed me his collection of traditional family items such as cameras, tea pots, carpets, television, heater and many many things which all go back to his grandparents and parents. All items are kept in good condition because Mr Bender is very fond of preserving his family heritage and introducing such wealth to visitors. I am very fortunate to have visited Mr Bender in Makkah. They are wonderful people and represent fully the generosity and hospitality of Makkah. Walahi I have learned something new about Al Harram and the Kaaba. My Arabic language is not very advanced but both Mr and Mrs Bender speak very clear Arabic that I was able to follow their ideas perfectly. MaashaAllah. I highly recommend a visit to Mr Bender's home upon your umrah and definitely it will be an enriching, unique experience.

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