What is Hihome?

Hihome is a trade-mark and registered company in the Saudi Chamber of Commerce, registration number 1010601502. Hihome was established in 2019. And it offers visitors the chance to know the Saudi culture through visiting Saudi homes and farms, eating and cooking with their families.

Why join us?

Saudi homes are diverse and each family has a unique story to tell. By using Hihome experiences you will get the chance to not only engage in the culture but also to connect with like minded people from around the world.

What are the types of Experiences you offer?

Hihome offers real life unique experiences that you will only find in Saudi

Below are briefs to some of our offered experiences:


-  Eating with locals at homes or farms.

-  Visiting locals in homes and cooking with them.

- Food and crafts visits at Saudi homes.

Our Partners :